Esoterra – Neurosphere


The name Eso/terra, is an amalgamation of the the words “esoteric”  (understood only by those with special knowledge) and “Terra” (Earth), embodies the message and feeling that its music attempts to pass on to the listener. All works produced by Eso/terra are written, recorded and mixed by Brett Syslo. As long as he’s been writing his own material, Brett has had a drive to create a fusion between music and spirituality.Through Eso/terra, Brett hopes to awaken the mystical sensibility that is embedded in human consciousness.

Esoterra’s first album entitled “Neurosphere” came into fruition after the recording of track 5 “Conscious Mind/World.” It was this song that set into motion the concept and sound of Esoterra. On this page, you will hear a small sample from each song. If you would like to hear any of the songs in their entirety, please visit the “Music” page at the top right corner. If you would like to download any of the songs, please click on the “Purhase CD” link at the top right under the “Links” header.